Testimonial about Tom Farrell

A testimonial about Tom Farrell

When looking for a wedding celebrant we didn’t know what we were looking for or what to expect. Tom Farrell was assigned to us and when we met him it felt as if he was always supposed to be our celebrant.

Tom invited us both to his beautiful home and gave us so much of his time. Here we discussed our wedding, our relationship and life in general. Knockrose is an incredible place and it was an amazing first meeting for our wedding.

After our visit to Tom’s home he sent us a fantastic draft that included suggestions for us, things about our lives and relationships and even quotes from our meeting. Tom made it clear that it was our choice what goes in and what doesn’t. From here we were able to construct our perfect ceremony. We were in contact throughout and Tom even emailed the day before to make sure we remembered the important things for the ceremony.

The morning of the wedding Tom arrived early and met us and family members. He then set everyone at ease before the ceremony. The ceremony itself was even better than it was on paper. Tom brought it to life with a wonderful mix of emotion and humour. We couldn’t have imagined a better or more personal ceremony.

At the drinks reception everyone was complimenting us on such a beautiful and unique ceremony and how amazing Tom was.

Thank you so much for everything Tom.

Conor and Emma HG

Conor and Emma


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