Celebration of life (Funeral Celebrants)

The loss of a loved one is never easy and our Celebration of Life, Funeral Celebrants recognise the importance of family and friends in fostering a safe environment for their loved ones to grieve, whilst also Celebrating the Life of the loved one who has passed over.

Spiritual Funeral Celebrants in Ireland

As Spiritualists we believe that our loved ones are always with us, just because someone crosses over we do not love them any less, even if their physical body is no longer here, we still hold that attachment to their spirit and the moments that made them unique to us.

Love never fades despite the passing of time and those of us who have lost someone whom we truly love will recognise that our love for them is as real as it was when they were physically here hence our Funeral Services pay particular attention to the family and friends who loved their departed dearly.

Some of The Best Spiritual Funeral Celebrants in Ireland.


Personalised Funeral Ceremony

Out of this love, our funeral celebrants will build a ceremony with the family and friends whereby they have an opportunity to reflect on the loss of their loved one and their perception of them is validated.

We also include family members within the celebration of life, funeral ceremony as we feel it is essential they speak of those they have lost but only if they feel they can. Our Celebration of Life ceremonies like all of our ceremonies are personal and unique and they include all aspects of the deceased individual’s personality without compromising the integrity of the occasion and all are undertaken with dignity and respect.

Further information on celebration of life ceremonies

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