Testimonial about Jim Carbin

A testimonial about Jim Carbin

We were so Blessed to have Jim marry us!
Jim was perfect in every way! He was so great communicating with us through every step of the way. He had great suggestions for us, but was also wonderful with little changes we wanted to make. He made the entire process so smooth. It was like as if we had known him for years. He really got to know us and allowed us to get to know him as well. He went above and beyond for us. We invited him to our dinner and so enjoyed his humor and getting to know him even better. It was a small, intimate wedding with only 6 of us in the wedding party. Jim was kind enough to learn, play and sing ‘A Thousand Years” for us to dance to, since we didn’t have a band. He did a wonderful job! Our only regret is we didn’t have our friends video tape him singing. He has an amazing voice!! It was soooo special and meaningful. We have a new lifelong friend! Thank you so much, Jim. XO Liz and Cheri

Cheri & Liz

Hillmount House

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