Testimonial about Ailish Neville

A testimonial about Ailish Neville

Simply put, Ailish is WONDERFUL! She communicates regularly but even better, she is open and willing to make your ceremony as special and personal as you would like. Ailish and I went through about 4 drafts of our ceremony. When it was all said and done, we had crafted the perfect ceremony for Franky and me that included vows, remembrances, poems, scripture and a handfasting ceremony. She is so kind, thoughtful and gracious. The weather did not cooperate with us on our wedding day so we had to go to “Plan B” which worked out well. Ailish was flexible and had no problems making the new plan work! If you are looking for someone to conduct your ceremony who invests time, thought and energy into your special day, then definitely consider Ailish.
Cara and Franky Major
Anderson SC (USA)

Cara and Franky Major

Kilmallock Abbey Ruins/ Ash Hill B&B

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