From the moment I spoke too marie barden.. I knew she was gonna be the person too marry us.. Marie is a breath of fresh air I needed in our life’s and everyone should and needs too have Marie in there lifes.. She was made too do this job.. We met a few time before hand and each time we left her we were more and more excited for her to do our ceremony. She put it together so well and a few bumps along the way.. She was so uplifting with it all.. Always said everything will work out. The morning of the wedding she came to both our rooms gave us the biggest hug and we had a teary our eyes.. And our service was done beautifully and a few tears from the words Marie spoke.. She spoke with all our guests after who well said she was a lovely person.. We would tell anyone who is getting married to ask for Marie Barden

All our love and thank you marie

Paul & Edward Doran-Malone