Hi Jan, Hope all is

Hi Jan,

Hope all is well…..

I wanted to drop a note to say a HUGE thank you and apologise its only coming to you now.

The ceremony was amazing, I am struggling to find the right words – I felt like we were married by an old family friend, it was so personal, thoughtful, uplifting and yet so simple and was all about 2 people coming together. I felt like it was just me and Kevin but at the same time that my family was there. I am doing a terrible job of trying to say that it was beautiful!!

So many people have commented on the wedding and specifically the ceremony, it was a key highlight. One friend said it was the first wedding that she laughed out loud, cried and truly moved her.

I cannot recommend you enough and will do the online forum / feedback think and if there is anything that I can do to help / support etc please let me know

You are a beautiful human inside and out xxxx

Sinead and Kevin