Ailish was honestly a dream

Ailish was honestly a dream to work with and planning the wedding ceremony with Ailish was probably the easiest part of planning the wedding!
Ailish is an excellent communicator and relayed all the information we needed to know without it being overwhelming or confusing. Ailish was always flexible, responsive and welcoming to our questions, and always very understanding even if we took weeks to reply to an email.
Ailish took the time to get to know us as a couple and helped us figure out what we did and didn’t want in the ceremony. Ailish also made some fantastic suggestions for our ceremoney that we would never have thought of ourselves and fully embraced us having our dog bring up our rings.
Ailish made our wedding day special and many of our friends and family have since complimented Ailish, and the ceremoney, and expressed that they felt like Ailish knew us for years and that the ceremony really felt like it was made for us (which of course it was thanks to Ailish).
Thank you again Ailish for your professionalism and warm on the day and for all the time and work you put into preparing our ceremony script 🙂❤️