Dave and Declan’s Magical Wedding


Dave and Declan had set their wedding date before the historic ‘Yes’ vote last May. On May 22nd they both waited with anticipation and were so excited when the yes vote was announced and they knew that they would finally be able to get married.
The day finally arrived and Dave and Declan got married on Sunday 21st February 2016 in Finnstown Castle, Dublin surrounded by their close family and friends. Their wedding was the first official same sex wedding that took place at the venue.
At the ceremony both their mothers walked they up the aisle and the ceremony was a spiritual ceremony performed by the amazing Miriam Fitzgerald as they walked up the aisle to ‘A Thousand Years’ with saxophone sung by the lovely Angel Breannan and they had a harp playing throughout the ceremony which tickled at people’s heart strings. It was a real family affair, their brothers did a ring warming ceremony passing the rings to the guests as they filled them with well wishes and thoughts. Declan’s sister Roisin and Dave’s brother Owen lit candles for their grandparents. And finally with their fathers by their sides as their witnesses.

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Photos David McClean
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