Would You Like to Plan a Spiritual Wedding in Ireland?

Have you recently gotten engaged to your partner, and want to throw a Spiritual Wedding that will live long in the memories of everyone that attends? Are you thinking of putting on a spiritualist wedding in Ireland, but have yet to find a celebrant that can cater to your specific requirements? For those of you that can relate to these particular circumstances, the solution is relatively simple – the professional team at Spiritual Ceremonies can help. Though we are based in Dublin, we are pleased to be able to offer our services across the whole island of Ireland. 

Would You Like to Plan a Spiritualist Wedding in Ireland?

From our perspective, we believe it is important to be able to base your ceremony on the various emotions and experiences that you share with your loved one. The celebrants that we have on our team of registered solemnisers would be more than happy to chat through your questions and queries. You can reach them either by writing us an email directly at info@spiritualceremonies.ie or by giving us a call on +353 16853723.

Spiritual Ceremonies – why choose us?

When you are trying to organise a spiritualist wedding in Ireland, it is vital that you choose a professional company to aid you in this endeavour. We will be able to draw upon our past experiences, and subsequently provide you with advice regarding how your ceremony should unfold. In this respect, it is hard to think of a better team to enlist the help of than Spiritual Ceremonies. Our services have been honed over a number of years, and that is how we can continuously live up the high expectations that we have set ourselves. For those of you that are still slightly unsure about our credentials, reading over some of our exceptional Google Reviews should serve to convince you of our professional celebrant services.

The four-step process

If you are someone that is planning a spiritualist wedding in Ireland with the Spiritual Ceremonies team, allow us to provide you with a little context regarding what our services entail. In essence, we can boil our booking process to four steps. Initially, you will get in touch to tell us about your ceremony. Following this, we will discuss where  you need to provide your intention to marry with; your assigned celebrant will be able to help you with this. Once this has been completed, we can try to plan a ceremony that will fulfil your wishes. Finally, all that is left to do is tie the knot, and live a life of happiness.

Our other ceremonies

Here at Spiritual Ceremonies we are officiate at other ceremonies other than spiritualist weddings in Ireland. The members of our team are skilled in various different ceremony types, all of which provide a professional bespoke ceremony for you and your family. To us, it does not matter if you want to conduct a naming ceremony for your newborn child, or feel like the time has come to renew your vows during a commitment ceremony.  We simply care about ensuring that you are not left feeling disappointed.