Trying to Find a Funeral Celebrant in Ireland?

Are you trying to source a celebrant for your loved ones funeral in Ireland? At Spiritual Ceremonies, we understand how important it is to choose the right funeral celebrant for your loved ones passing ceremony. Spiritual Ceremonies partner with a selection of leading celebrants in Ireland, garaunteed to deliver you an exceptional service from start to finish. We are committed to ensuring that the process of finding a funeral celebrant to suit you is as simple as possible, and that you pick the right celebrant for you. 

We understand that to celebrate the life of a loved one – a dedicated professional who understands your needs is required. These events represent key life moments, and must be entrusted to those who recognise their importance which all of our trusted celebrants do. 

Here at Spiritual Ceremonies we have more than a decade of experience behind us providing our ceremonies, and our team covers the 32 counties acrossIreland. 

We are experienced and dedicated to helping our clients choose the perfect celebrant for their loved ones funerals, their wedding, or other ceremonies. No matter your personal requirements and needs, our professionals will find a celebrant that matches your expectations and suits your budget. If you require a trusted funeral celebrant in Ireland, why not get in touch with Spiritual Ceremonies today? 

Our Celebrants

At Spiritual Ceremonies, we understand how vital it is to have the appropriate celebrant for your funeral. We have a wide range of spiritual funeral celebrants to choose from, to ensure that you have the perfect send-off for your loved one. Our celebrants will build a ceremony with your guests whereby they have an opportunity to reflect on the loss of their loved one and make sure that their perception of them is validated. We also include family members within the celebration of life funeral ceremony, as we feel it is essential that they speak of those they have lost if they want to.  

Our Funeral Ceremonies

Our funeral ceremonies, also called celebration of life ceremonies, are personal and unique, and include all aspects of the deceased individual’s personality without compromising the integrity of the occasion. Here at Spiritual Ceremonies, we believe that our loved ones are always with us. We believe that just because someone crosses over, it does not mean we love them any less even if their physical body is no longer here with us. 

We still hold that attachment to their spirit and the moments that made them unique to us. Love never fades despite the passing of time, and those of us who have lost someone whom we truly love will recognise that the love for them is as real as it was when they were physically here, hence why our funeral services pay particular attention to the family and friends who loved their departed dearly. 

Want to Speak to Our Celebrants?

For more detailed assistance with sourcing a funeral celebrant in Ireland, or arranging your celebration of life ceremony you can contact our team today. You can fill out a form via our website and one of our warm and welcoming members of our team will be in touch with you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can contact us via phone on +353 16853723, or email us at If you would like to take a further look at the information on our website regarding our funeral celebrants in Ireland.