Sunflower Wedding in Northern Ireland


By Nicole
It’s official: there is nothing happier in the world than a sunflower wedding. Quirky couple Shona and Fin were married in a colorful and eclectic celebration of their love at Larchfield Estate in Ireland. The bohemian styling, which perfectly reflects the couple’s aesthetic, came together with the help of loved ones and the brilliant staff at Larchfield Estate. The resulting images exude absolute joy thanks to fantastic photography team The Lous.

The Couple:

Shona and Fin

The Wedding:

Larchfield Estate, Lisburn, Ireland

The Inspiration:

One word: Colour! We wanted our wedding day to portray the love and happiness that we feel everyday and we thought that colour, flowers and light was the best way to do that! We made most of the décor, favors etc. ourselves along with some of our amazing friends and family, as we wanted it to be very personal and made with love.

The Moments:

Can we say the entire ceremony? It was so personal, heartfelt and full of so much love, it felt like it was Fin and I there with this beautiful light surrounding us-and this was our family and friends!

The Couple Recommends:

We were so blessed with every single one of our vendors, each on of them gave us an amazing service on the day. A very personal shout out would go to The Lous and Minister Tom Colton-without them our day would not have been the absolutely magical day that it was! The Lous not only told our story but caught so many emotions on the day, it was like having two of our best friends take our photos. Tom was so beautifully personal and heartfelt, we never dreamed that we could literally design our own ceremony but finding Tom allowed this dream to come true. David Lamont who created the floral arch and bouquets-i had always dreamed of getting married under a floral arrange and what he created surpassed all of my dreams. Andrew at Eyecapture weddings captured the day beautifully and was so unobtrusive. I cannot highly recommend all of our vendors enough!

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Photographs: The Lous
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