Searching for Registered Solemnisers to Conduct your Wedding Ceremony?

Are you searching for a registered and professional solemniser to conduct your wedding ceremony in Ireland? Here at Spiritual Ceremonies, we pride ourselves on providing clients with professional wedding solemnisers in Ireland – and creating a ceremony with you, for you, and about you. We aim to bring you a service that you won’t find anywhere else and to make your special day exactly what you’ve always dreamed of.

At Special Ceremonies we work with you to plan the perfect ceremony that is just right for you both as a couple. Whether you are from Ireland, or planning an elopement for your wedding from abroad and are looking for a registered solemniser that you can trust, then look no further than Special Ceremonies. Our registered solemnisers cover both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. If you require a registered solmeniser in Ireland. 

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Our Registered Solemnisers

One of the most important things to consider when planning your wedding is booking a registered solemniser to perform your ceremony. It is a key element to planning your wedding, and one that can often be overlooked. Each solemniser will bring something different and unique to your wedding, so we understand how vital it is to pick the right person for you. Our team will be more than happy to assist you with choosing the right solemniser for your special day to suit you and your individual needs and wants. 

All of our wedding celebrants are registered solemnisers with the HSE in Ireland, and registered officiants with the GRO in Northern Ireland – so can all legally marry you on your special day. You can see all of our registered solemnisers available to conduct your wedding ceremony. As a part of the process with us, you will have the opportunity to meet your celebrant prior to your special day. We will meet with you to discuss your unique ceremony, and along with your full input tailor the full service to your requirements whilst observing the spiritual aspects to the wedding service as required by the Rites of the Spiritualist Union of Ireland. 

On the day of your ceremony, your celebrant will perform the ceremony that has been written with you, for you and about you. Our range of celebrants and solemnisers also can perform other ceremonies including but not limited to; vow renewals, baby naming ceremonies, celebration of life ceremonies.

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