Planning a Spiritual Wedding Ceremony in Galway?

Are you looking to hold a spiritual ceremony to celebrate your joining in marriage with your loved one? Are you searching for an experienced, reputable wedding celebrant to hold your spiritual wedding ceremony in Galway?  If that is the case then finding a venue and professional to officiate your special occasion that is dedicated to hosting the most memorable ceremonies, is sure to be in your interest. Welcome to Spiritual Ceremonies. We are Dublin’s leading community of professional wedding celebrants and registered solemnisers; .

Spiritual Ceremonies has been established since 2010 and we have travelled to hundreds of locations within Ireland’s 32 counties over 7 days a week with the aim of providing each and every one of our customers with the specific service or ceremony they they require, be that for weddings, baby naming ceremonies, celebration of life; also known as funeral celebrants, blessing, commitment and vow renewal ceremonies.

Why Choose Spiritual Ceremonies?

Here at Spiritual Ceremonies, we understand just how important your spiritual wedding ceremony in Galway is to you, your future partner and all of your loved ones. That is why we are proud to be able to accommodate your requests but first and fullmost, let’s discuss the details.

Whether you are a set on a traditional wedding ceremony, wish to add specific details to accommodate your spiritual beliefs and reasonings or are even a same sex couple seeking marriage, our large team of solenmisers can perform the Legal Element of your spiritual wedding ceremony in Galway without any restrictions that may have been reasoned to you by other celebrants that perform in a public domain.

If you would like to discuss your plans for your spiritual wedding ceremony in Galway and would like to discover your prefered solemniser from our wide selection of experts, then please do not hesitate to browse our website more where you will be able to search through our available celebrants, then simply get in touch with Spiritual Ceremonies directly to secure your desired professional.

Speak to our Experts About your Spiritual Wedding Ceremony in Galway

Whether you have always dreamt of a spiritual wedding ceremony or have recently discovered what is included in a spiritual wedding ceremony and believe this would be the perfect solution for your wedding then we would be pleased to hear from you today.

To get in contact with our team at Spiritual Ceremonies, we encourage you to give us a call on +353 1685 3723, send us an email to or simply fill in the relevant details into our online contact form where you will be able to discuss your requirements for your spiritual wedding ceremony in Galway with your chosen celebrant, as well as arrange all of the details with the Spiritual Ceremonies team in accordance to your specifications.