Micro Weddings – Planning a love filled Micro wedding in Ireland

Micro Weddings – Planning a Micro wedding in Ireland


The ever changing landscape of the wedding industry in Ireland has found itself moving toward Micro weddings. Due to Covid-19 and the necessity of social distancing Micro weddings have become more attractive and certainly more attainable under the current guidelines but what exactly is a Micro Wedding and why exactly do they work? Read on and find out!


What is a Micro wedding? and what is an elopement?


A micro wedding is not an elopement, an elopement is generally just the couple, their witnesses and celebrant which can be a wonderful intimate event but can feel a little limiting. A Micro wedding in comparison is usually limited to under thirty guests including the wedding couple.

This modest number generates intimacy for the entire day and provides more freedom to mingle with guests. Spiritual Ceremonies have been fortunate to have been able to perform many of these pre and post covid-19 but check out our list below to see what makes Micro weddings so appealing and consider why they may work for you!


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10 Reasons a Micro wedding works


  1. All inclusive package

Given the volume of guests attending, many wedding venues are in a position to offer very attractive all inclusive packages to cater for smaller weddings so be prepared to negotiate for what you want in a venue that you may previously have considered to be out of your price range.


  1. Budget!

Micro weddings are very budget friendly. Given the average cost of a wedding in Ireland is 25K micro weddings offer a more appealing conservative price range. If you have a fixed budget you can really focus on what you want and because you are limiting the number of people attending, you have more money to splurge on the things you want to include that otherwise may have been outside your initial budget. Check out our trusted list of wedding suppliers for more.


  1. On site Ceremonies

Due to the intimate nature of a micro wedding, and the ability to attain micro wedding packages, having your ceremony onsite removes a lot of unnecessary stress.  By working with your wedding celebrant they should be able to build on the intimacy created with this smaller number and really make the ceremony intimate and personal reflecting the importance of these people in your lives and relationship. This is integral to all Spiritual Ceremonies created.


  1. Unusual Wedding Venues

With reduced Wedding attendees options for Unusual or alternative wedding venues can be given more consideration. Barn Weddings, Woodland Weddings, Urban weddings or beach front locations can all be part of the micro wedding experience. The option to have a unique intimate ceremony in one location and then move to another space for your meal and entertainment adds variety to the day. Here is some useful info for planning outdoor weddings in Ireland.


  1. Quality over Quantity

When your guest list is intimately created the experience of your wedding day becomes one to be valued. With an intimate number of carefully selected guests you have an opportunity to spend time with them all on the day and can be more intimately involved in conversation with them. This experience generates a full guest experience for your wedding.


  1. Tradition

When creating a micro wedding you have an opportunity to embrace traditional elements and or adapt or create new ones. For example you may decide to sit with all your wedding guests at one large table as opposed to separating the seating. In addition you may decide to walk up the aisle together or use some traditional elements in an unusual setting like a barn or a woodland location, the choices are endless. Some couples find the whole idea of walking up an aisle completely daunting, with a micro wedding you can do things differently and completely decide on what works for you.


  1. Less Stress

With a micro wedding the limiting of guests and budget can significantly reduce the stress levels associated with wedding planning over and above the added drama of having a wedding in a Pandemic. Micro weddings should enable a stressless experience where planning becomes fun.


  1. More Control

Limiting the number of people attending your wedding gives your more control about how you want your wedding to be created and remembered. With no forced itinerary you can choose to have a wedding day that is uniquely yours and create your own rules from start to finish. From choice of location, clothing, food, music you can decide what works for you.


  1. Why you say I Do

One of the most valuable aspects of a micro wedding is that it enables you to refocus on what truly matters most. The fact that you get to marry the love of your life, in an intimate way that reflects what you feel, say and do is perhaps the best rationale for considering a micro wedding. Saying I do, surrounded by the people you really love can be extremely emotive and rewarding for everyone involved. Your wedding guests become part of your wedding, not passive observers on the day.


  1. Choice

Ultimately a micro wedding works because you have the choice to create one. No longer can the parameters set by family, culture or state dictate to you about what you can or cannot have. Micro weddings celebrate the freedom of choice, whether its location, venue, attendees, budget, music or food. They can be intimate bespoke and fun. You can choose to have your wedding your way!!



11 Unusual, quirky and intimate venues for a micro wedding in Ireland!


We have collated five superb locations from the intimate urban setting to stunning outdoor, woodland and seaside locations for a Micro Wedding in Ireland, check out these incredible venues below but remember the SUI is also a superb location too and we have been fortunate to hold numerous micro wedding Ceremonies there whilst offering a zoom service to those attending virtually.


  1. No. 25 Fitzwilliam Place

25 Fitzwilliam Place is an ideal venue for a micro wedding. This ultra chic urban setting in the heart of Dublin is both intimate and romantic within the splendour of a Georgian town house.

The elegant decor and sumptuous menu in addition to the incredible wedding team provides a bespoke experience for your special day. 25 Fitzwilliam Place offer an inclusive package with facilities for your ceremony and your reception, all in one location.

micro weddings ireland best venues haddington house 25 fitzwilliam


  1. The National Maritime Museum

The Maritime Museum Dun Laoghaire offers a quirky alternative for your wedding ceremony. The setting with the Maritime Museum holds the grandeur of a church but with the addition of something different because on display is the giant lighthouse at the top of the aisle.

The Maritime museum is a great location for those seeking an alternative venue with ample space for social distancing and yet it maintains the intimacy and uniqueness of its name. It is perfect for a micro wedding but only for the ceremony leaving you free to choose many other venues in the locality to hold your reception.

unique small micro weddings ireland venues maritime museum


  1. Knockrose House & Gardens

Built in the mid 1700s and close to the scalp in Enniskerry Knockrose House is a place of great historical significance and beauty. It is a stunning setting for your ceremony only and is lovingly maintained by Tom and Trish Farrell who are its custodians and owners.

They opened the gardens to the public in 2004. Knockrose lends itself to those who respond to peace and tranquility with facilities to host both an indoor ceremony or outdoor ceremony for a micro wedding.

There are numerous magical places here surrounded by a woodland setting in which you will perfectly capture and hold the romance of your special day, leaving time for photos in the gardens before moving to a separate location for your reception.Viewing by appointment only.

unique small micro weddings ireland venues Knockrose House & Gardens


  1. Kilruddery House and Gardens

Kilruddery House and Gardens just off the N11 is a setting unlike any other. The stunning 800 acre estate offers a backdrop unlike any other for your special day with the Orangery a perfect location to hold your intimate wedding ceremony but also your drinks reception.

It is a one stop shop with a variety of packages to cater for intimate bespoke and tailor made micro weddings.

unique small micro weddings ireland venues Kilruddery house and gardens.jpg


  1. The Haddington House hotel

Set in the coastal town of Dun Laoghaire the Haddington House Hotel is perfectly situated to enjoy a sea vista and yet maintain intimacy within the setting of this boutique hotel.

Their micro weddings begin with numbers of 28 guests. Offering exclusive wedding receptions, with exceptional food, craft cocktails, welcome canapés and three course dinners, their wedding team will create a very special and intimate day, just for you….

Just a short drive from Knockrose House or indeed a shorter walk from the Maritime museum the Haddington is a stunning location to host your micro wedding with scenic sea views yet intimate and personal.


micro weddings ireland best venues haddington house sunset


Micro Wedding venues in Munster, Connaught and Ulster



  1. Fernhill House Hotel and Gardens

Fernhill House Hotel and Gardens belong to the O’Neill family who have a long established tradition in the hotel industry at their West Cork Hotel.

The Gardens and the heritage surrounding the prestigious country house itself in addition to being family run all combine to offer an unrivalled experience for a unique, intimate micro wedding. With unrivalled home grown and local produce, Fernhill House will ensure your micro wedding though intimate in numbers will be an epicurean feast.

The gardens serve as an alternative extra for covid-19 weddings if you are downsizing offering a beautiful backdrop for photos of your special day.

micro weddings ireland best venues Fernhill House Hotel and Gardens

  1. Ballinacurra House, Kinsale

Set just beyond the beautiful town of Kinsale Ballinacurra House offers an exclusive setting for your intimate micro wedding in Ireland.

This exclusive estate has security gates with forty acres of woodland and lawns set within a walled garden. The ten foot-high stone walls ensure the optimum privacy for you and your wedding guests on your special day as the elegant country mansion provides a luxury and sumptuous decor to celebrate and relax away from covid-19.

Your micro wedding can be held indoors or outdoors and has been a firm favourite for many Spiritual Ceremonies over the years so planning your micro wedding can certainly be stress free.

micro weddings ireland best venues Ballinacurra House, Kinsale




  1. Belleek Castle

Belleek castle is a stunning location with a magical history of adventure for any couple and especially those considering it for their micro wedding.

Set in 200 acres of woodland in Belleek near Ballina Co. Mayo the impressive vista of the Castle is nothing compared to the interior which boasts a treasure trove of history and intrigue. The interior decor balances medieval and nautical themes yet exudes modern luxury.

Belleek can hold your micro wedding in the stunning rustic setting of the 19th century stables and courtyard which exudes character and intimacy whilst facilitating social distancing in conjunction with current guidelines. Check out Belleek Castle for your micro wedding.

micro weddings ireland best venues Belleek Castle

  1. The Lodge at Ashford Castle

Set in the village of Cong in county Mayo and ensconced in the 350 Acre Ashford Estate the Lodge at Ashford Castle is a perfect marriage of old world elegance with all the benefits of modern luxury.

This beautiful venue with all its accolades for accommodation, cuisine and adventure is a perfect location for a micro wedding in Ireland. Planning your wedding here couldn’t be easier because the wedding team offer a unique and unrivalled experience to ensure you have a stress free wedding in an intimate and stunning setting.

The mouthwatering food and drink in addition to the variety of activities nearby ensures your micro wedding will not only be intimate but will have all the affluence to ensure a luxurious wedding day.

unique small micro weddings ireland venues The Lodge at Ashford Castle




  1. Lough Eske Castle

Lough Eske Castle is a location steeped in history and beauty. This five star venue boasts picturesque views, an awarding spa, sumptuous decor and numerous styles of accommodation to facilitate that touch of luxury for your micro wedding.

Social distancing will not be an issue here due to the nature of the venue yet intimacy will be created with the wedding team to ensure your micro wedding holds all the ambiance required.

Lough Eske is worthy of every accolade it has acquired and as such comes highly recommended. We at Spiritual Ceremonies also enjoy working here with our couples as it always ensures an air of mystique for your special day.

unique small micro weddings ireland venues Lough Eske Castle 

  1. OrangeTree House

The Orange Tree House in County Antrim is a stunning exclusive venue to hold your micro wedding. Set on the grounds of Strangford Lough in the picturesque village of Greyabbey the Orange Tree House unlike many other private venues will cater for all your ceremony needs including, food, cuisine, beverage/bar and many more.

The stunning setting of the lake and surrounding countryside lends itself as an idyllic backdrop for photos and cab certainly accommodate social distancing. Spiritual Ceremonies have performed many ceremonies here and tailor your ceremony as this venue tailors your requirements.

Offering a bespoke menu for your design a micro wedding in The Orange Tree house will offer maximum impact for any couple seeking something extraordinary, check them out.

unique small micro weddings ireland venues OrangeTree House

In short it looks like Micro weddings in Ireland are here to stay despite covid 19. Micro Weddings offer intimacy, they encourage couples to consider their guests and to be rational over their budget and they certainly ensure that the focus of the day is truly on the couple.

With incredible venues as discussed above and many more coming online Micro weddings will certainly provide much needed relief to an industry which has suffered greatly because of the pandemic.

Best of all however is that couples now have much more variety and choice when it comes to considering what they want and no longer is there the necessity of entertaining 100 plus guests rather the focus has firmly shifted to enable couples to have a more interactive, intimate and relaxed experience for their special day and that can only be a good thing!