Interested in Having a Baby Naming Ceremony in Dublin?

Are you planning on holding a baby naming ceremony for your newborn? Do you wish to celebrate the naming of your newborn child with your friends and family? If you answered yes to either of these questions or are even asking yourself a similar question, then every minute you can dedicate to planning your baby naming ceremony is essential. 

We would be pleased to point you in the direction of Ireland’s leading provider of wedding celebrants and registered solemnisers that are on hand every day of the week to travel to your chosen ceremony location in Ireland to carry out your unforgettable baby naming ceremony. We would like to introduce you to Spiritual Ceremonies.

Create your Baby Naming Ceremony in Dublin 

More often than not, from the moment a pregnancy is discovered the planning and celebrations for your new arrival are well underway but what about once your newborn has arrived? Well, have you considered the celebration you could be hosting for your newborn, your friends and your family when organising an official baby naming ceremony in Dublin?

Here at Spiritual Ceremonies, we have seen the demand for our registered celebrants and solemnisers increase over the years since our establishment back in 2010, purely for baby naming ceremonies in Dublin and further afield in the other 32 counties that make up the Irish nation.

A baby naming ceremony in Dublin, is a highly beneficial way of not only celebrating the welcoming of your newborn baby into the world, but truly is a magical way of introducing your closest friends and family to your mini-me in an official but unforgettable way. By doing this you are allowing your loved ones to witness the individuality and uniqueness you create for your child by selecting a name for them; not only when they can’t choose for themselves, but also for them to be proud of as they grow and mature.

Introduce your Family and Friends to your Newborn with Spiritual Ceremonies

Whether you have known all along the name you wish to call your newborn child, or have taken great time and thought into making sure you choose the name with the perfect fit for your baby, here at Spiritual Ceremonies we understand just how important it is to introduce your newborn to your friends and family in the most meaningful way possible. So with that being said, we would be delighted to hear from you today.

To get in contact with our team at Spiritual Ceremonies, we encourage you to give us a call on +353 1685 3723, send us an email to or simply fill in the relevant details into our online contact form where you will be able to discuss your requirements for your baby naming ceremony in Dublin with your chosen celebrant or solemniser and arrange all of the specifics with the Spiritual Ceremonies team.