Exciting 2023 Wedding Trends in Ireland

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What are the 2023 Wedding Trends in Ireland? 2022 will always be remembered as “the year of the post-pandemic wedding boom”. After so many weddings in 2022 in such a short space of time, after the prolonged period of tight restrictions, we’re about to see the biggest shift ever in the traditional Irish wedding. CSO figures from 2021 indicate that over 55% of weddings now happen outside of a traditional church wedding.

1 Small intimate weddings

Prior to covid, couples were under the impression that they needed to have the big wedding. Covid forced many couples to re-evaluate this and to look at their marriage celebrations and question what was really important to them. More couples in 2023 are now planning for a more intimate celebration. There is also an increase on the number of elopements that we are seeing coming to Ireland

2 Lower guest numbers

Due to restrictions around numbers couples had to plan their celebration for as little as six guests, with 25, 50 and 100 also in the mix depending on the restrictions. Many of our couples who got married with 25 or less guests said that they wouldn’t change their day for more numbers, as the reduced numbers allowed them to spend more time with their nearest and dearest. Also with the economic crunch, couples are looking at ways to save on spending. Couples have decided to look for smaller intimate venues, focusing on top quality food and then planning a long honeymoon to an exotic destination that they previously may not have considered.

3 Increase in outdoor weddings

Another covid trend that will continue into 2023 is couples desire to have an outdoor wedding. An outdoor ceremony gives the couple “another room” at their venue for their guests to enjoy. This is an ideal way to guide guests to different parts of your venue and show them why you fell in love with it.

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Wedding at the Slea Head Dingle, co. Kerry

4 Personalised Spiritual Ceremonies still on the increase

Couples have realised that they can have a ceremony created to reflect them as a couple, for them to create a ceremony with their celebrant that is personal, all encompassing and allows them to tell their story. Year on year the number of couples who chose to have a Spiritual Ceremony continues to rise.

5 Number of wedding ceremonies back to pre covid levels

The number of people getting married in 2023 should fall back to pre covid levels, down from the 2022 catch up boom. This will help couples get more choice of venues and suppliers and ceremony days will push back towards the traditional Thursday to Sunday days.

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