5 Top Tips on How to Choose the Best Wedding Celebrant in Ireland

Choosing the Best Wedding Celebrant in Ireland

Are you looking for the best wedding celebrant in Ireland?

If you are stepping outside of the traditional parameters for a wedding and looking for the best wedding celebrant this can be a daunting yet exciting task. If you’ve found the perfect venue (some help choosing a covid-19, micro wedding friendly venues here!), found all the best wedding suppliers, decided upon all your menu, organised the cake, clothes and entertainment, how do you go about finding the best wedding celebrant to perform the ceremony?

Where do you begin, how do you choose? Well look no further!

We have compiled a list of 7 considerations when choosing the best wedding celebrant which will give you some clarity and get you on the right path to creating your perfect wedding.

  1. Is a celebrant wedding legally binding?

Are all celebrants legal?

It may surprise you to know that not every celebrant performing weddings today is legally binding. What does this mean for you? Well putting it simply if you are looking for  the best wedding celebrant and want to be legally married during the wedding ceremony, in Ireland you will need to have a solemniser!


What is a solemniser?

In short; a solemniser is the legal term for someone who is registered with the state through the HSE and is on the list of civil registrars in the Republic and in the North of Ireland and they are registered with the GRO. Only a solemniser can perform a legal ceremony.

They can solemnise weddings, meaning you don’t have to go to the registry office first and they also counsel the couple beforehand, guiding them to create a personalised wedding ceremony.


What is the difference between a wedding celebrant and a solemniser?

Celebrants are those who perform a blessing but do not have the legal authority to solemnise a marriage on the day so you have the option to have a legal ceremony elsewhere such as the civic offices with the HSE or any alternative registered location and then have a celebrant perform a ceremony which is not legally binding on the day.

So essentially you have two different events however, it is possible to have your solemniser perform your ceremony in your venue without the separate ceremony with the HSE and in fact all Spiritual Ceremonies Celebrants are legally registered with the HSE.

Having your ceremony on site in the venue of your choice can be less stressful so this should be considered when looking for the best wedding celebrant!

Read more on the difference between solemnisers and celebrants here.

  1. Day and Time

Is it possible to have a legal wedding on the weekend in Ireland?

The answer is yes, you can have a legal wedding on the weekend in Ireland, if you choose a solemniser over a celebrant. So if you want to have a legal wedding on the Weekend, on a Saturday, Sunday or even a Bank Holiday, it is possible.

Some organisations such as the Humanist Association or Spiritual Ceremonies can perform legal ceremonies on site seven days a week.

With the Humanist association this is confirmed individually with each Humanist and the costs vary accordingly but with Spiritual Ceremonies there is a central admin who can confirm availability almost immediately.

The costs are only marginally different for travel dependent upon the location of the ceremony so you can still have your legal ceremony on a Saturday, Sunday or a bank holiday.

Thus ensuring considerably less stress for you when looking for the best Wedding Celebrant should you decide to go with Spiritual Ceremonies because all our celebrants can perform the legal aspect on the day.

  1. The budget for a Wedding Celebrant

How much does a wedding celebrant cost in Ireland?

When Creating a ceremony and choosing the best wedding celebrant, the costs can vary greatly especially between Humanist solemnisers and independent solemnisers.

Humanist’s work independently and charge independently at their discretion but with Spiritual Ceremonies the costs are set by the central admin department, so there are no exorbitant or hidden costs.

A clear budget from the onset helps to ensure that from the start, you and your celebrant can co create the best wedding ceremony with ease; making it easier for you to be clear about payments and leaving more money for extra bling, or other discretionary add-ins for the day.

  1. Choosing an experienced wedding celebrant

How to choose a celebrant?

When Creating your ceremony and choosing the best wedding celebrant, how important is it for the celebrant to have experience?

Well given this is one of the most significant moments in your life thus far it may be prudent to consider if the Celebrant is familiar with the task at hand and capable of dealing with any unforeseen circumstances which may arise.

For example would you ask an inexperienced baker to create your wedding cake or an unknown or inexperienced musician to sing or play music as you walk up the aisle?

To excel in any given field takes practice, determination and conviction so be sure to ascertain what level of experience your celebrant has when deciding to place your story and future memory into their hands.

Take this into consideration when looking for the best wedding celebrant to share your wedding.

Did you know Spiritual Ceremonies have been performing ceremonies for over ten years in Ireland, in fact we performed the first legal outdoor ceremony in 2012 and the first religious same sex marriage in Ulster following the historic referendum in 2015 so we truly have unrivalled experience in this field!

  1. Researching Your Celebrant

In this social media age it is easy to ascertain the character of the chosen celebrant.

When deciding which celebrant to choose, look at their social media sites and or websites and see what other couples have chosen and also what they have said of their experience.

In addition check out their performance through their couples reviews to gain an understanding of how they work and then contact them to discuss the proposed ceremony.

These interactions without obligation should provide a good overview of their personality.

If you look at the Spiritual Ceremonies Celebrants many of our celebrants have profiles created across social media platforms showcasing our roles which should offer you invaluable information when choosing a wedding celebrant.

Click here to view all of our wedding celebrants profiles.

  1. Celebrant Awards and Achievements

Last and by no means least Awards are an achievement. They really show that a standard has been achieved.

A standard that says something about an individual and an organisation as a whole so consider what awards have been conferred and to whom.

When looking for a wedding celebrant to deliver your Wedding ceremony the fact that they have achieved or attained awards should be given some consideration because it hallmarks a certain standard to which they hold themselves accountable.

Spiritual Ceremonies have been fortunate to attain many accolades and awards over the years so please see below the numerous achievements and achievers of those awards for consideration.

  1. Creating a Ceremony “With You, For You and About You”

When looking for the best wedding celebrant your hope would be to have an individual who understands what this day means to you as a couple.

Someone who will enable your love story to shine, who will allow you and help you to choose the music, poems, poetry and structure that help to tell your story, incorporating your children (or your pets) which can also be involved on the day.

The best Wedding Celebrants will know that the ceremony content and delivery is as important if not more so than the suit, dress or flowers etc.

If your love story can be delivered in a way that reflects you as a couple, if it is true to your families and friends so that they know this is about you and no one else you have definitely found the best wedding celebrant.

You celebrant knows your wedding is about you not them or the institution they represent and so they will ensure that your wedding is created With You, For You and About You and this is something that Spiritual Ceremonies prides themselves on.
We hope that this list has provided some direction for you but also some consideration.

Everybody wants to have the Best Wedding Celebrant for their special day but the reality is everyone decides who and what is best for them.

However, taking into consideration, your budget, the legality, celebrants and solemnisers, weekends and bank holidays to hold your wedding, the experience of the person performing it and the accolades or awards they have achieved for their work should give you a clear indication of who to work with.

Whomever you choose be sure to enjoy what should undoubtedly be one of the best days of your life.