Do you Require a Professional Wedding Celebrant?

Looking for a wedding celebrant? Unsure how to choose someone that will be the right fit for your relationship and your wedding? Here at Spiritual Ceremonies, we are here to make it easy for you. Our professional service has been connecting engaged couples with a wedding celebrant for more than a decade, working across Ireland to make sure that no matter how remote a wedding might be, it is officiated with the right wedding celebrant. 

All of our team of wedding celebrants can cover the legal portion of your wedding which is one of the reasons why our teams are so good, after all, some celebrants cannot. All of our wedding celebrants are registered solemnisers with the HSE in Ireland and the GRO in Northern Ireland, and can marry you any day of the week. Whatever type of wedding you’re planning, you can head to our website to find the right celebrant for you.

What is a Wedding Celebrant/Registered Solemniser?

A wedding celebrant is the person who will be officiating your marriage and hosting the proceedings on the day. They ensure that you’re officially married by the end of the service. This means that their role is about more than just saying a few words, it is about ensuring that you are married in a way that feels right to you. This includes knowing the right vows and running a ceremony that is personalised to you. In that respect, they are responsible for the legal act of marrying you and the personal act of overseeing the vows that you’re making to your partner. 

What to Consider when Choosing a Celebrant?

At Spiritual Ceremonies have a number of different wedding celebrants for you to choose from. Choosing your wedding celebrant is a very personal decision that you and your partner should make together having considered the type of person that would be the best fit for you.

Consider the Tone of your Ceremony

If you’re planning the ultimate bohemian wedding on the side of a dramatic cliff, with a traditional handfasting ceremony, then you might not want to have a wedding celebrant with an overly traditional tone. While there is nothing wrong with tradition, many couples have beautiful traditional weddings, it’s not for everyone and your wedding day is all about you. 

Once you’ve considered what type of wedding you’re having, you should consider whether you want a relaxed or a formal tone. Would you like your wedding celebrant to tell a joke or two, or would you like this formal, legal occasion to be reflected in the ceremony. These are the sorts of things that you can talk to your potential wedding celebrants about, ensuring that you find that ideal match. 


Looking to Learn More?

If you’re planning a wedding, don’t put off finding a wedding celebrant. Looking for the right person now can save you all sorts of stress down the road. You don’t want to panic searching the week before your wedding. If you’d like our help in finding your perfect celebrant, why don’t you get in touch with us today on +35316853723 or We have a whole team of wedding celebrants for you to choose from, so that your day remains truly about you.