Civil Weddings & Partnerships

As Spiritualists, we believe that if two people love each other then they should be able to unite in marriage, regardless of gender. The law in the Republic of Ireland now permits Marriage to take place, regardless of gender.

Please see Spiritual Weddings page.

In Northern Ireland, only the Civil Registration service can carry out the legal element of a Civil Partnership.  We can then do a Spiritual Civil Partnership Celebration Ceremony for your family and friends at your chosen venue.

Guidance on civil partnerships in Northern Ireland:

The Civil Partnership Act 2004 enables same-sex couples to get legal recognition of their relationship. Couples who form a civil partnership have a new legal status, that of ‘civil partner’. Civil partners have equal treatment to married couples in a wide range of legal matters.
Any two people, regardless of where they live, may enter into a civil partnership in Northern Ireland, provided that:


As a civil partner, you have the right to equal treatment as a married couple in a wide range of legal matters.
It is important to make early arrangements for the date and time of your civil partnership registration. In order to obtain the date of your choice, you should plan well in advance to avoid disappointment.
For more information contact the Civil Registrar Office in Dublin.